Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Year Level Structures?


 In 2020 we have:

  • 3 x Grade P/1
  • 1 x Grade 1/2
  • 1 x Grade 2
  • 3 x Grade 3/4
  • 4 x Grade 5/6

Each year the teachers devise a structure for the school which delivers comprehensive, quality education at Big Hill Primary School. 


Our school is divided into four Units for planning purposes and curriculum delivery.

The Units are: 

  • First Steps,
  • Junior Unit,
  • Middle Unit
  • Senior Unit.

Groupings are arranged on a variety of criteria – gender balance, the number of students in each year level, number of rooms available, specialist programs, personal considerations, educational considerations (mixed-ability/multi-aged), teacher preference/skills, personalities and parent requests.

The composite year levels may vary from year to year depending on the number of children in each level.

Specialist programs are offered within the Unit structure and on a whole school basis.

These programs include: 

  • Physical Education
  • Library
  • Performing Arts
  • Visual Arts
  • Chinese

Staff & School Organisation


Student numbers and staff appointments each year determine school organisation and staffing.

If alterations are made to the previous year’s arrangements, parents will be notified via the school newsletter early in the year.


How Many Students Attend Big Hill Primary And What Are The Class Sizes?


Currently the school enrolment is 261

In Prep to Grade 2 we average 21 students per class. 

Across our school we have an average of 24.5 students per class.



What are the school start and finish times and what is the structure of the day?


Bag Bell

8:45am (Students enter classrooms and get ready for their learning)

Session One


Session Two


Eating Time




Session Three


Session Four




Session Five

End of Day 3:20pm


  • Preps do not attend school on WEDNESDAYS for the first 4 weeks of Term 1.


Children have 10 minutes at the start of each break when they eat their food supervised by staff. 

It is up to the student whether to eat their lunch in the first break or second break.

The School Canteen operates twice a week and is delivered to classes in the second break.  

Further details are provided in newsletters. 



End of Day Arrangements 

  • Teacher supervision ceases at 3:30pm at McInnes St Gate and Car Park Pavilion.

If your child cannot be picked up by 3:30pm please ring the school to advise the staff of this fact. 

After 3:30pm, children will wait at the office to be collected or alternative arrangements made. 

Big Hill PS also has a Before and After School Service.



Are Parents Welcome In The Classrooms?



All classroom teachers appreciate parent volunteers within their classroom with prior organisation. 

All visitors who volunteer within the school are required to have a valid Working with Children Check and sign in at the office (this includes parents).



Where Do I Purchase Uniforms From?


Lowes – Shop 41/42                 

Lansell Plaza Shopping Centre


Our P&F also run a secondhand uniform shop.

Secondhand Uniforms can be purchased through QKR.



Is Homework A School Expectation?


As a school we expect that every child reads at home every night. 

Some grade levels may ask students to complete learning at home if necessary from time to time.


Do Children at Big Hill Wear School Uniform?


Big Hill Primary School has a compulsory uniform policy.

ALL children are expected to wear the school uniform. 

The Parents & Friends sells second hand uniform on each Friday in the multipurpose room for $2 per item. 

School uniforms can be obtained through Lowes, Charter Hall Lansell Square.


Children are required to wear sunhats during Term 1, until the end of April in Term 2 and Term 4.  

Hats are available to purchase at the Office all year round. 

Thongs are not to be worn other than for attending swimming lessons and children must have sneakers or sensible shoes on at all times.


In times of wet weather, children are to bring a raincoat. 

NO UMBRELLAS PLEASE, as these are dangerous to other children around when they are being used.

Jewellery, watches etc. are the responsibility of the child.


Does My Child/Children need an Artsmock and Library Bag?



Each class will have a Library session within their unit. 

Library days will be listed in the newsletter.


Children in Years Prep to 4 are requested to bring a library bag when borrowing books. 

An appropriate size is 30cm x 40cm with a drawstring tie top.



Each class will attend an Art lessons once a week.

An ART SMOCK must be provided for your child/children to protect their clothing, and will be sent home periodically for laundering purposes. 


Do I need to supply Stationery for my Child/Children?


Parents will receive book lists at the end of Term 4 each year. 

The school has organised JI Office Products, a local company, to provide parents with their child’s supplies. 

Otherwise you may wish to purchase supplies over the break and have them ready for the first day of school. 

Please consider: teachers have carefully selected items for quality and purpose from the vast range that JI Office Products supply. 

If you wish to purchase supplies from elsewhere, please make sure they are of the same quality brand.