Information for Parents

Staff & School Organisation

Student numbers and staff appointments each year determine school organisation and staffing. If alterations are made to the previous year’s arrangements, parents will be notified via the school newsletter early in February.

School Times

Teacher on Duty: 8.45am
School commences: 9.00am
Morning Recess: 11.00am – 11.30pm (Supervised eating of playlunch on decking 11.00am -11.10am)
Lunch: 1.30pm. – 2.15pm. (Supervised eating of lunch in rooms 1.30pm – 1.40pm)
School dismissed: 3.15pm
Teacher supervision ceases at 3.15pm at McInnes St Gate and Car Park Pavilion.

Prep children will stay at school until 3.15pm every day except Wednesday.
They will not attend school on WEDNESDAYS until the end of Feburary.
Preps attend full time from the start of March.

If your child cannot be picked up by 3.30pm please ring the school to advise the staff and make arrangements for afterschool care.

Children have 10 minutes at the start of lunchtime when they must remain seated for the eating of lunch. They are supervised in their room during this time. The School Canteen operates 3 times per week. All details are provided in the newsletter.

School Structure
Each year the teachers devise a structure for the school which delivers comprehensive, quality education at Big Hill Primary School. Our school is divided into three Units for planning purposes and curriculum delivery. The Units are FIRST STEPS, 3/4 and Middle Years. The First Steps Unit is the first three years of school in multi-aged Prep, Year One and Year Two groups using a developmental approach to curriculum planning. Year 3, 4, 5 and 6 groupings are arranged on  variety of criteria – gender balance, the number of students in each year level, number of rooms vailable, specialist programs, personal considerations, educational considerations (mixed ability/multi-aged), teacher preference/skills, personalities and parent requests. The composite year levels may vary from year to year depending on the number of children in each level. Specialist programs are offered within the Unit structure and on a whole school basis. These programs include: Library, Performing Arts, Art/Craft, Chinese Language for Prep to Year 6.

School Rules
A comprehensive Student Welfare and Positive Behaviour Management Policy is available for all families detailing the School Rules, Rights and Responsibilities, consequences and positive enforcements provided at school.



Staff Meetings
Full Staff Meetings are held every Wednesday from 3.40pm to 5.00pm.
Unit Meetings are held on Monday after school.

School Council Meetings
The purpose is to review and/or draft school policies for council approval and discuss the procedures and protocols of school operations. Meetings are conducted twice per term at school. Please contact the school office for more detailed written material and contact information regarding the nominated school councillors.

Parents & Friends Association
These meetings are conducted once per month in the morning or in the evening at the school.You will be notified of the dates in the Newsletter. Please come along and support this club. Contact the President or Secretary of P & F for further details

Reports and Parent/Teacher Interviews

Information regarding Parent/Teacher Interviews and Parent Information Sessions will be available early in the year. Reporting to parents and sharing information regarding curriculum and school policy is of paramount importance at Big Hill Primary School.


What is expected of your child on starting school?

Your child is expected to be able to look after his/her own possessions, to be able to dress him/herself, to understand the concept of sharing and taking turns and to be toilet trained.

Information sessions are conducted at the end of the child’s pre-school year to prepare parents and child(ren) for this first important transition to the child’s first year at school.


Information on other matters
A weekly newsletter, “Calder Chronicle”, is sent home every Thursday with all the current school community news. You can have news included in this bulletin by handing typed items to the Buisness Manager by Tuesday, or you can have items included via email. These newsletters are numbered and dated so that you will know if they are current editions. It is your responsibility to ensure that you are receiving your newsletter. You can elect to have your newsletter delivered via email and you can view current and previous newsletters on our school webpage.If your child is absent on Thursday please approach your teacher for your edition upon the return of your child to school.


Library Times

Each class will have a Library session with the Teacher / Librarian. Children in all grades are requested to bring a library bag when borrowing books. An appropriate size is 30cm x 40cm with a drawstring tie top.


School Information
Copies of Policy documents devised by the school are available to borrow from the office.

Policies include:

  • Student Welfare & Positive Management Behaviour
  • School Charter
  • Annual Report


The school conducts various fundraising activities throughout the year. Each family is encouraged to help in these activities. A timetable of the major fundraising activities will be available early each year and ongoing throughout the year.


Parent Help

Early in the year we will be asking each family for some time to assist with school operations. Hearing children read, covering books, typing, rewriting children’s stories, library administration etc, provides valuable ssistance. More details will be given in the newsletters.


Smoke-Free Zones

In accordance with Department Policy, the whole school is a smoke-free zone. Visitors are requested not to smoke in the school grounds during school hours or in any buildings at the school at any time.


All children are expected to wear the school uniform, particularly when attending excursions, sports etc. The Parents’ & Friends’ Association sells secondhand uniforms on the first Monday of each month in the multipurpose room from 3pm - 4pm. It is desirable to purchase a gold polo shirt as they are required during the year for sports, school outings and concerts.


PSW - Primary School Wear located at 40 Mitchell St Bendigo are our uniform suppliers. Price lists are available from the school office. Alternatively, if plain gold or black polo shirts or windcheaters can be found at other department stores, the office sells iron on logos for $2 each. Broad brimmed hats are available all year round at the school office for $8 each. Children are required to wear sunhats during Term 1 and 4 (and as required).


Thongs are not to be worn other than for attending swimming lessons and children must have sneakers or sensible shoes on at all times. During winter, slippers may be left at school to change into during class. In times of wet weather, children are to bring a raincoat. NO UMBRELLAS PLEASE, as these are dangerous to other children around when they are put up. An ART SMOCK must be provided for your child and will be sent home periodically for laundering purposes. Jewellery, watches etc should be kept to the minimum as they are the responsibility of the child.


Emergency Management

This is carried out as required during the year and children assemble according to the Emergency Management Plan. Full details of the Emergency management Plan are available at school upon request.


Emergency Files

Each child will have a list of emergency contact numbers kept on record at the school. If you change your address, place of work or telephone number, please contact the school as early as possible so that we can update our records.


Collecting of Prep children

Prep children are to be collected after school from the area in front of their room. This is to ensure that your child learns the safety aspect of walking through the car park under supervision (especially in Term 1).


Homework will be given to children to meet the specific needs of the individual child as deemed necessary. There will be no set days for homework. We encourage parents to read with their child at home every night. Class teachers will communicate with children and parents regarding the homework guidelines and expectations.


What is expected of you as a parent?

Parents are encouraged to involve themselves in school events for the following reasons:

  • A child responds more warmly and with more respect to the school environment if it is seen that the whole family shares in the responsibility of looking after the school.
  • Every task completed by voluntary labour results in more “educational” dollars for your child in other areas of the curriculum via materials and requisites.
  • A sharing of the work load among ALL families makes for a happier and more tightly knit community.

Please assist your school (and thus your child) in any way that you can – ideas, working bees, assisting with typing, policy formulation, information eveningsand committees.

Bus Service

There is a public bus that travels from Kangaroo Flat to BHPS & return. Route and pricing information is available . The school bus service runs from Ravenswood (Fogarty’s Gap Road) along the Calder Highway to arrive at school at approximately 8.45am and return in the afternoon at 3.20pm. (This bus also picks up and drops off along Belvoir Park Road) It is a free service for children living in close proximity to the school. Arrangements can be made for fare paying students outside the zoned area. All children are expected to comply with the bus rules when using this service. Permission forms must be completed before travelling on this bus. These are available from the school office.


Traffic Control


Please note that signs have been erected in the Car park and McInnes Street areas to assist with the safety of all families. Speed humps have also been installed. All families are expected to adhere to the directions. Staff, student teachers and relief teachers are required to park in car park at the back of the multipurpose room. This provides more parks for parents in the busy times.

The area at the front of the main entrance in the Car park is used as a five minute drop off. Other areas are clearly marked NO STANDING. Some parents delay their arrival at school by ten minutes to collect their children to alleviate congestion. The first ten minutes after dismissal are the busiest. These arrangements have been made in the interests and safety of everyone. For it to work effectively all parents need to comply with the directions.


  • Entry to the car park from McInnes Street.
  • Vehicles are expected to limit their speed to walking pace (approximately 10 kmph) within the car park
  • The Ravenswood bus drops off, collects and parks in the car park at the front of the school..

Boundaries of the School

Children are not to leave the school boundaries (fenced area) without a parent/guardian signing the child out at the office or permission of the teacher. During Outside School Hours Care children play in a limited area around the sandpit and large playground.


Book Club

Your child will have the opportunity of purchasing literature through the Scholastic Book Club at regular intervals throughout the year. Book Club details will be included in the newsletter.


Naming Items

Please make sure that you mark all lunch boxes, library bags and clothing with your child’s name. Any lost items are placed in the Lost Property box in the Sickbay. Unclaimed items are sent to charitable organisations at the end of each term.


Infectious Diseases

CHICKEN POX : Until fully recovered. NB. Some remaining scabs are not an indication for continued exclusion.

CONJUNCTIVITIS:  Until discharge from eyes has ceased.

DIARRHOEA:  Until diarrhoea ceases.

DIPHTHERIA:  Until at least two negative nose and throat swabs have been obtained at intervals of not less than 48 hours, the first swab taken not less than 24 hours after cessation of antimicrobial therapy.

VIRAL HEPATITIS:  Until a medical certificate of recovery is produced or on subsidence of symptoms but not before 7 days after onset of jaundice.

SCHOOL SORES:  Until sores have fully healed. The child may be allowed to (IMPETIGO) return provided that appropriated treatment is being applied and that sores on exposed surfaces such as a scalp, face, hands and legs are properly covered with occlusive dressings.

LEPROSY:  Until a medical certificate satisfactory to the Department of Health is produced.

MEASLES: For at least seven days from the appearance of the rash or until a medical certificate of recovery is produced.

MENINGOCOCCAL INFECTION (MENINGITIS):  Until a medical certificate of recovery is produced.

MUMPS:  Until fully recovered.

HEAD LICE: Until appropriate treatment has commenced, supported when (PEDICULOSIS) requested by a medical certificate.

WHOOPING COUGH:  For four weeks or until a medical certificate of recovery is (PERTUSSIS) produced.

POLIMYELITIS:  For at least fourteen days from onset and also until a medical certificate of recovery is produced.

RINGWORM: Until appropriate treatment has commenced, supported when requested by a medical certificate.

RUBELLA: Until fully covered and at least four days from the onset of the rash.

SCABIES:  Until appropriate treatment has commenced, supported when requested by a medical certificate.

SCARLET FEVER:  Until a medical certificate of recovery is produced.

TRACHOMA: Until appropriate treatment has commenced.

TUBERCULOSIS:  Until a medical certificate is produced stating that the patient is no longer infectious.

TYPHOID :  Until three successive negative faecal and urine cultures are obtained at twenty hour intervals, commencing at least seventy-two hours after cessation of specific therapy.


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