Welcome to Big HIll Primary School

With natural and unique bushland surrounding much of the school, Big Hill is perfectly situated to enjoy the best nature has to offer as well as being conveniently located in the southern fringe of Bendigo close to major shopping centres and transport hubs.

At Big Hill Primary School, we’re so close to nature, we even have a nature trail adjoining the school where the environment has been protected due to the inhabitancy of the rare and protected Eltham Copper Butterfly. With the environment at our doorstep, we endeavour to ensure our use of energy and water are sustainable and that our students are doing the best they can for the world they will inherit.

As the school in a growth area, but still close to established housing in Kangaroo Flat, Big Hill attracts students with a diverse range of socio-economic and cultural backgrounds, making for an interesting and dynamic mix of students and families. We are financially supported by a very hard working Parents and Friends group and lead by a rigorous and ambitious school council who ensure Big Hill PS is always looking forward and evolving, whilst operating within The Department of Education and Training’s (DET's) expectations.

Literacy and Numeracy are fundamental skills all children require and therefore at the core of the majority of work we do at Big Hill PS. We have a long history of educating children with high literacy and numeracy skills and still strive for this today. Other curriculum areas that are features of our school include Visual and Performing Arts, with yearly school productions, instrumental music tuition at school and the creation of amazing works of art just part of how we value The Arts. Did you know? Children who study the arts in depth are far more likely to achieve in the areas of literacy and numeracy?

The welfare of a child is of prime importance to us and we take the wellbeing of every student very seriously. Behaviour of students at Big Hill PS is commendable, with the focus being on positive behaviours and the modelling of such to our students. Whenever there are issues or concerns with the development or wellbeing of a child, our school is supported by a dedicated and supportive School Chaplain, as well as support from a speech therapist, social worker and psychologist to ensure all children get the support they require. We also have several students on the Program for Students With Disabilities and Impairments, who are successfully integrated across the school in an inclusive manner.

Other features of the school include newly refurbished Student Toilets, a refurbished ART Studio (former multipurpose room), a large multipurpose indoor space with 2 adjoining classrooms, a school canteen that operates two days a week (Wednesday and Friday), an instrumental teacher of acoustic guitar, drums, electric bass, ukelele and music productions,  junior and middle/senior playgrounds, a 6m climbing spire, a 50m long synthetic turf oval, registered before and after school care (OSHC), veggies and chooks, a large outdoor undercover area, fenced newly refurbished basketball court, rebound balls, lockable bike shed for security and much more!

Big Hill PS….a school that’s big in all the right ways!

Matt Pearce



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